Radio Secara Umum dan Cara Kerja Radio

RADIO / 17 September, 2019

Radio has existed since time immemorial. Radio was originally used as a one-way communication equipment, its use is also more for military purposes, especially until now. radio is a very sophisticated communication technology in its time, until at this time also the communication technology used basically uses the concepts that exist in radio. Radio is a technology that is used to transmit signals with certain waves, we know it with electromagnetic waves which are the result of modulation and radiation from electromagnetics. Uniquely, these radio waves can propagate in the air and in the vacuum. So the discovery of radio technology, that is, a very important discovery in the history of human life,

Understanding Radio and its Procedures

It has been mentioned slightly above that radio is a communication technology with procedures for sending signals through electromagnetic waves. Today’s communication technology which is very sophisticated even though it still uses the concepts of the radio waves. Moreover, astronauts can keep in dialogue with the earth using radio signals because electromagnetic waves can propagate in a vacuum. Radio waves are created when

something that is electrically charged is modulated or increased in frequency. So that we master the unit of frequency for a very small radio which is 10 Hertz to a very large 10 giga hertz. Actually, electromagnetic waves are not just radio, there are other waves which have greater frequency, namely gamma rays, ultraviolet, X ray, infrared.

Radio waves are used as the basis of waves used in radio broadcasts, cell phone signals and also for radar, both commercial and military radars. The understanding of radio and electromagnetic concepts was raised by David E. Huhes in 1878. From there, other studies emerged that improved radio technology to radio technology at this time. One of the most well-known figures and meritorious in the development of radio wave technology is Rudolft Hertz. He is convinced if radio radiation has or carries the entire wave property.

The procedures for the radio work itself are quite simple. Radio waves carried by or emitted by carrier waves, radio waves are reflected by the layer of air in the atmosphere of the earth, precisely in the ionosphere. It is in this layer that radio waves are reflected back to earth and are captured by signal receiving towers. So it is not surprising that the range of radio waves is very far, especially even in outer space.